Saturday Wakeboard

Another exciting Saturday came last August 17. When we finally get a chance to experience wakeboarding. Trully this is one activity to try. Longing for it when i was in college, i planned to go to Camsur just to experience it but was not given a chance. Buti na lang  a same kind of thrill was installed in Laguna few kilometers away from Nuvali.

The Preparation

A month ago i’m discussing this with Ate Jhoa. She told me that they went to Nuvali and her officemates tried it. Since i’m also intrested i organized a weekend getaway to Nuvali.

Going to Laguna commuting would be a hassle for us since we will be bringing extra clothes, cameras etc on the day, so that night i “offered” my ride. I offered it actually without assurance because of 3 reasons. 1st – i dont wan to drive in SLEX 2nd never tried driving in Manila and 3rd i dont want to be scolded by a police because of a driving error. Naiisip ko pa lang kinakabahan na ako.

After the meeting  (laughs) we already invited the Team first, we posted it in our group page. So Bev and JM already confirmed adding us 2 we are already 4 =)) Galing ko sa Math. After awhile we already invited friends that we think would want to try wakeboarding but all of them has something to do on that day. Day before going to Nuvali i was still on shift and spoke to a friend from another team to refer an issue. After some discussion i told him that we will go to Nuvali to Wakeboard and he was also intrested. Jojo was the last one who joined us.

August 17, Saturday

3:00 am My wake up time – I was not able to sleep because of nervousness. I can’t imagine that i will be driving from North to South without guidance of another professional driver.

4:00 am – Off to Manila – it took me an hour from Bulacan to Sampaloc! Akalain mo yun. 1st achievement of the day

6:30 am – Off to Makati for Jojo – I am already with Bev and Ate Jhoa this time. I knew they already had their silent prayers before we leave. I’m sure if a disastrous incident happened to us their insurances were already prepared by that time AHAHA! Sobrang tense ako. I told Ate jhoa to guide me on our way. Look at all the traffic signs and most importantlyt the stop lights.

1st traffic violation happened OMG! I saw that the traffic light was about to go red so i brake suddenly. Apparently, my car stopped after the pedestrian lane. I was afraid that a traffic enforcer would apprehend me for this incident but there was no enforcer on sight. YEHEY!

7:00 am – Off to Laguna – We took skyway and we meet Jm at Sta Rosa Exit then we head to Nuvali and tried to figure out were Republic wake park is located. Based on just our instincts we were able to locate the site. Im not sure but it seems to be located inside a village, i saw Ridgeview residence. A body guard will get your license upon entering the place.

8:45am – We already started our wakeboarding experience 🙂 Since we are first timers we signed-up a waiver. Then  paid 595 pesos for 4 hrs unlimited wakeboarding pass. Another fee of 800 is required for the helmet, vest, wrist band. 800 is refundable upon surrender.

Heto Na! 

The bigger water court is for PRO wake-borders. The Cable on this course is more challenging and there are obstacles on the way.

 My first wakeboarding trial. I was able to stand in 1 second ahaha and i am doing the same thing till my 6th try. Ang sakit sa katawan, sa mukha, sa balikat at sa leeg.  My 7th and 8th try i was able to stand till the middle of the beginners court, pwede na din.

 On Bev’s first trial she was able to cross till the end in a sitting position. In her next trials she able to stand til the end. Strong finish! There were Plakda moments that is really funny but can’t post the video here though. Sayang! She can’t swim ending up being rescued by JM always! haha

 Jm on his first trial was also a plakda. In the latter part of his trials he was able to get the right standing position ending also with a strong finish.  He has also created a new trick in wakeboard, ‘The No Hand’ trick hahaha.

 Fail on the start but was able to do a one hand trick and a strong finish at the end of his trials. Galing mo Jojo!

Another fast learner in wakeboarding was Ate Jhoa. Was able to cross till the end on her first trial. Also, she is the first one to stand till the end as well. Despite all her strong finish she was not able to get a good photo because of the way she handle the cable.

 Taken while we are waiting for our turns. I think it took us 30 -40 mins until our next try, so we really did our best to stand on that board. This is Ngiting Fulfilled! All was able to stand ako lang ata ang hindi nag strong finish but it’s ok 5 to 6 seconds standing was fair enough 🙂

Try it now! here are the cable rates. I suggest that you take a 4 hr pass in your first time 🙂

More Pictures


Wooooooooooooh! Had a blast! I would like to thank Lord for the guidance and for our safe journey to Laguna.  Kahit super kinakabahan ako wala namang aberyang nangyare 🙂 Thanks Lord for the good timing! i can’t imagine us being stranded in the south if we decide to try wakeboarding last sunday.

Congratulations for this whole experience! MASAYA!


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