Kwebang Lampas: #SummerlOVin

I’m marking the end of my summer 2014 at this remote beach called Kwebang Lampas. It is a small coast located at Pagbilao Quezon wherein everyone can enjoy swimming, camping and caving. From Manila this area is about 4 -5 hrs travel, it’s like a travel up North for Pangasinan.

For my last summer outing i’m enjoying the getaway with my One Voice Chorale fambam. I participate the outing every year since i joined the group and i’m just happy to see the improvements of holding this event from each incoming executive boards.

2008 – Resort in Cavite
2009 – Splash Mountain, Laguna
2010 – Pansol, Laguna
2011 – Bolinao, Pangasinan
2012 – Nagsasa, Zambales
2013 – Fami, Laguna
2014 – Pagbilao, Quezon
2015 – Boracay?? Bohol?? AHAHA

I can’t wait for the next outing 🙂

Before you actually see the beach you will need to have a short boat ride and trek for 20 minutes. Upon reaching our cottage i immediately bring out my tent and built it, suddenly it rained and my tent didn’t resist the water huhu. Good thing it stopped that night and was able drain and clean it.

The fun part started late afternoon when we started to play games. The group was divided in to two. Group 1 consists of Janine, Jp,  Marco, Ron, Sinan, Pao and Iris and together with me in group 2 were Rommel, Darwin, Noel, Nati, Jem and Val. As expected the groups were too competitive and very technical when it comes to the rules of the game. Some were slightly stressed but most of us really had fun.

10415731_10203977477176866_2184423939250382274_n 1487809_758951027478184_7372694505556632931_o 10321526_758950500811570_1827796884613939707_o

As a summary here is a video clip created by Marco

For First timers here’s what to expect
1. It’s hot at night, we end up sleeping beside the beach
2. The clean water costs 50 pesos – Pang banlaw
3. The comfort rooms are dangerous for your health haha so you better bring diatabs
4. soft drinks are 20 pesos each!!
5. Bonfire is not allowed at the beach

6. No electricity

SPECIAL THANKS TO THE EXECUTIVE BOARD 2014 – 2015 🙂 Congrats and Good job!


One thought on “Kwebang Lampas: #SummerlOVin

  1. Nice Photos! Great Post 🙂 I Really miss Boracay.. Its really fun if you were with friends, aside from you have a share buddy in expenses at the same time you have a buddy to enjoy the beauty of Boracay. Where everything was perfect 🙂 what I love most was the nightlife in there. Plus the Water Sports, Land Activities, delicious Foods 🙂 My friends and I really look for a cozy and relaxing place to stay and we found The Orient Beach Boracay, it was peaceful that we really had a great time of staying 🙂 it was also affordable with complete amenities like a 5Star Hotel, it was Newly Opened Hotel, everything was new. We are also fascinated by their small electronic machine outside their room where you can manage if you don’t want to be disturb. Amazing! It was 5 mins ride to D’mall, and from the world famous white Beach, its not hassle anyway because they have a free shuttle Service going to D’mall. You can find great deals in many sites. Plus they serve really great Breakfast and oh, complimentary coffee was available at your room. And the amazing sunset view from the veranda was really breath taking! Awesome! Staffs are really accommodating and very friendly 🙂 they are the one who help us in booking our activities and had a great deals. We really had a great stay! Cant wait for our next visit in Boracay 🙂

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