Boracay Day 2

Our Day 2 officially started and i can’t wait to be amaze by the Islands beauty. What happened this day was relaxing and extremely exhaustively-fun. First we swam near station 1 coz its mossy near our hotel. The water was so cold and refreshing. I really wanted to swim for hours but i’m also cautious with my health. Ang hirap pag may sakit. Remember guys to take good care of yourselves before vacations so you can enjoy 100%.

I remember a friend blogging about the sand of Boracay and it’s actually real! Pulbos na pulbos talaga. lol. I would like to steal some sand from the island but i don’t know where to put them though. hehe. After swimming we ate at Jonah’s, according to my friend it’s one of those popular resto one must try. They serve fruit shakes and meals with big servings good for sharing!

I also had a whole body massage beside the beach. Grabe sobrang narelax buong pagkatao ko. haha. It only cost me 350 pesos ang mura. After the massage i just stayed in the hotel until my friend Aki’s friend arrived that night. Medyo na delay din sila because nacancel ang flight buti na lang nakasakay sila ng ibang plane bound to kalibo. Their names are Cass, ‘Ms. San Fernando La Union’ booooooom and her best friend Genald na super jolly. We immediately went to Guilly’s after they had dinner to have some shots. I didn’t expect that our drinking session will last til 4am. We even swam into the beach in the middle of it. kaya pala they are getting our phones para ipatago for awhile kasi magsiswimmming, sobrang di ako ready haha. I also remember Genald and I buying bbqs and hotdogs then kinukulit ko yung nagiihaw. haha. basag. wasak. I really enjoyed their company napasayaw nila ako ng todo. I really felt na nasa Boracay na talaga ako because of them.
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One thought on “Boracay Day 2

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