Boracay Day 1

After so many Boracay trip attempts, finally a touch down! We flew via Air Asia Zest bound to Kalibo, had a short delay but was still able to arrive early. Good pa din! We arrived in our hotel around 8pm and had a quick dinner at D’ Mall. After eating we decided to have our henna tattoo by P&P Tattoo. I don’t have any idea what design to wear i just remember seeing someone with Chinese characters on his chest so medyo yun na lang din pinagawa ko. Gaya gaya. lol. The henna will dry up after 2 hours so we went back to our hotel with shirts off. That was one liberating experience for me haha. Syempre i also need to do ‘Stomach in’ gets?. Trolol. I promise next time may abs na.
Forgot to mention i am sick during the trip. So the first thing i did was to buy meds, Antibiotic, Neozep, Bio flu! Hay. I’m sneezing and coughing the whole 4 day stay. Grrrrrr. But i still enjoyed it of course. I decided to walk a bit  around the area and took 1 bottle of San mig at Epic. Napakapasaway lang!

At last Boracay we finally met 🙂


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