The Mass of St. Therese

Sta. Teresita Parish Chorale

 The Multi-awarded group, Sta. Teresita Parish Chorale(STPC), under the batton of Mr. Ronaldo Raz already reaches its 9th yr. And as a celebration of the group they launched “The mass of St. Therese”- a musical setting of the new english translation of the Roman Missal on their concert, happened last September 21,2012.

The concert costs its viewers 250 inclusive of the album. I watched the concert with some of my chorale friends in One Voice 🙂 some of them were also members of the group. I was, i think, a member/guest?? for sometime ahahaha i had a chance to sing with them in some events. Anyways ahaha….

New arrangements of Lord have mercy, Alleluia, Our Father, Anima Cristi was introduced in the album, It is very lovely and can be easily adopted by the mass attendies because of its great melodies. I always play the songs in our office since it relaxes me a lot.

For those who wanted to avail the CD i think you can reach them in their Facebook fan page 🙂

Sta. Teresita Parish Chorale

Sta. Teresita Parish Chorale

9th - STPC Concert

Watched with my One Voice Family

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