Circuit Run – The Race Day

30k. iniisip ko pa lang nalulula na ako, pero hindi ito ang distance na magpapatoob sa loob ko. As promised last year i will open myself to longer races. Graduating to my usual 21k run and a step closer to my 42k dream. I know its been a slow pace improvement and it’s been 2 years since i started this all. But as they say, all things should be done in the perfect timing.

The race was participated by 200 runners, i think the organizers limit it to this number to better handle the event. I was able to talk to some runners during the race. Some of them were ultra marathoners and some were first timers. Ang saya because each runner supports and cheer each other. We even had a group pic while in the Taal lake view. Best scenery next to Corregidor i must say.

The route was full of downhill and uphill with unexpected OA steepness. Nabugbug talaga ang tuhod ko dito. Was not able to run during the uphill part, ang taas sobra! I wanted to show the killer parts so you guys can imagine how hard it was but i decided not to bring any phone.Anyway, My breathing during this time was still okay but my knees was already in pain. I didn’t have a choice but to walk until 25k and do a run-walk routine after it just to finish the race. I told myself to finish within 4hrs but i failed. lol. I finish the race in 4hrs and 25 mins.

Thanks Lipa!


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