Yakult Run 2014

Week from now i will be running the farthest race of my life. I will be participating in a running event in Batangas and will join the 30 kilometer category. I started training last week by  joining small races, like the once we have in our province – Mariathon 10k run. And because i needed more mileage i decided to join for the second time in Yakult run.

Night before the race i was with my choir-mates for the annual year end general assembly that was followed by an after party in Morato but since i need to sleep i opted to go home and have a rest. Sadly i didn’t had enough of that because of some problems with my phone that i purchased online. Bottomline im not in my best condition to run a race.

I am happy to go to the event though since i will be meeting my friends that will also run in the event. I was able to run with Tito Jay and Ikoy in the first kilometers of the race. I was able to see Ino as well in the road and had our selfies after the race.

Running w/ Tito Jay and Ikoy

Running w/ Tito Jay and Ikoy

Running w/ Ino

Running w/ Ino

I didn’t have any race strategy  during the run i just told myself to run and only stop for hydration. I ended the race in 1hr 38 mins not bad at all. I just wish i could apply my pace here during my 30k run.

Photo by Red Knight

Photo by Red Knight

For my race evaluation
Race Route – 10/10 🙂
Finisher and freebies – 6/10 – no improvement at all. i still received a large shirt even though i pass the finish line early

I would still want to congratulate Yakult on their 25th anniversary 🙂 Ok lagi ang tyan namin 😉




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