Run to your beat!

This year Rexona and Rio features ‘Run to your Beat’ that includes Bands and DJs all through out the race. Great idea! No earphones to plug since they will already provide the music.

One of the best races I’ve participated so far. Even though the race started as early as 3am and i didn’t have much sleep because of it, i was still able to enjoy the race. I can say that my 900 pesos didn’t go into waste because of the freebies and the party experience i had during it.  I’m just expecting to hear ROAR  and TREASURE but i didn’t haha.

I started running 21k in the same event last year and this run supposedly is my 21k anniversary run! MAY GANUN! Yes believe me haha.

I already had six 21k runs since i started doing it. After running my  anniv run i realized that it is indeed the right time to level up. I already told myself to be open for farther race categories like 32k and full marathons. From this day on i will try my best to do level up training as well.

Thanks so much Ms. Sheryll and Tong for these pictures!!


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