Part 2: CDO – Camiguin trip

As early as 4am we already packed our things and took ourselves back to Benoni port just to catch-up with the ferry’s 6am Trip.

After a 2 hour ride from Balingoan port back to CDO we checked-in our stuffs in Wingrace Dormitory. It’s like a hotel inn for travelers. Rented their room with 2 queen size bed for us 4 for 1000 pesos overnight.

Rafting time! 

This was my second rafting experience in CDO! One of the reasons why i pushed the trip amid of the bombing, Is because of rafting.  I contacted Team Kagay for our rafting, besides we already had them last year. Proven and tested they are really good and we had a blast in our 4 hour activity. It exceeded my expectation! We did lots of trick inside the raft. Sobrang saya!


Contact rafting providers below

Team Kagay –

Team Bugsay –

Rates ranges from 800 – 1,500 depending on the kind of package you’ll chose (Beginners, Advance and Expert level).  For our rafting we took the advance level that costs 1000 pesos each + 500 pesos for the copy of the pictures and videos of our rafting.

We ended the day eating at a new restaurant in CDO – Tsinoy’s, Pares as their best seller. We also tried Missy BonBon‘s ice cream 🙂

That’s it! Our very short but fun filled CDO experience 🙂

We will surely CAMIGUIN (come again)!

Until our next paddle hard and HIGH FIVE!!!


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