Part 1: CDO – Camiguin trip

Better late than never!

I was a bit busy at work and was not able to update my blog! haha kala mo blogger talaga. But anyways here are some pictures and short stories from our CDO – Camiguin trip that happened last September.

First stop!  Camiguin.

After 3 hours travel from Laguindingan airport to Balingoan port. And another hour to Benoni port via ferry we finally arrived in Camiguin! Surprisingly we we’re welcomed by Kuya upon arrival, Nice! balikbayan lang?  We gave him a tip for doing this, actually he insisted ahaha. But THANK YOU!

We went ahead to see this falls called Katibawasan. Tourist can actually swim in this area but we opted not to because we are not prepared and we haven’t gone to our hotel yet. Nice falls and was super cold when i dip my feet on it! Sarap!

Tried this yummy KIPING!

After checking in our baggage in Paguia’s Cottages we started to check other tourist spots in the island.

Picture at the walkway to the Old Volcano

Picture at Sunken Cemetery. Picture taken by one of the locals of the place. Weird that most, no, ALL! of them knows how to take good pictures.

Picture at the Old Church Ruins. Nasira daw to when the Volcano Blasts years ago

After some tours around Camiguin Island we decided to check Santo Nino Cold spring.  The place is quite full when we arrived so we just decided to be in the corner of the big pool. Apparently i’m the only one who knows how to swim and was able to enjoy the cold spring. Sarap! it was really cold and the water is clear.

The pool is deep around 6- 8 ft so if you don’t know how to swim better yet rent a “Salbabida” that cost 20 pesos.

After checking the cold spring and after having some rest in our cottage we already went to White Island. We are very lucky to see a Butanding (Whale Shark) while heading to the island. At first i thought that i am already seeing a shark but our guide told us that it is actually a Butanding! I really wanted to jump on our boat but i think our guide was not expecting what just past by. Sulit na Sulit and very thankful to witness that scene. Gusto ko ngang maiyak sa tuwa sa sobrang pagkamangha ko.

See how beautiful white island is! Superb! One of those shore lines that will really stun you. For those asking coral sand ang island.  Tourist can only stay here until 6pm since the island does not have any electricity to lit the whole place.


Had Dinner then went to our last destination which is Ardent hot spring.

Picture of the 6 ft hot spring pool of Ardent.

Check out the map of Camiguin! Hope you’ll be able to experience what we had on our stay. You wont believe but all of these happened on a HALF DAY! So if you are planning to have a 2 day stay at the island, think again! Sayang oras. 🙂 There are lots of activities and places Cagayan De Oro can offer!


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