It will definitely decrease

I suddenly realized thou it is already given, that a talent without nourishment will soon be just a gift. A gift just like our valuable belongings that could actually lose if not taken care of.

Last Monday i attended the second screening of my dear organization One Voice. As time goes by the auditionees that wanted to join the group keeps better and better. In my thoughts ‘what will happen to me if i auditioned on their time? will i still be a member of this amazing group?’. While waiting for the other students for the screening i was invited to join the team on learning a new piece. It was called Exulatate? Because i already stopped doing it for 2 years i was having a hard time reading and learning the piece. It’s really frustrating because when i was still in school i am not that slow in learning things when it comes to chorale singing. I guess this is the result of not practicing the talent. Because of what happened i really think that there is a big chance that i woudn’t make it if i auditioned.

Going back to the previous years of One Voice, before i enter the organization. The group was already starting to build a name in UST as one of the best college-base chorale in the school. Before joining they already won 2 consecutive 1st runner up in 2005 and 2006 in the inter-collegiate competition. As we enter the choir the expectation were a bit high and i must say the people were very intimidating because of their talents – Ang gagaling kasi nila . As i move along, i learned techniques, i built confidence and was able to have a good tenor sound on my stay.

As i graduated in college, i also graduated in chorale singing. I missed it a lot but thats the way it should be, move on. Now i can say that i still have a good tenor sound but when it comes to learning a piece, i must admit that it already decreased a lot. sobrang bagal. yung timing hirap talagang aralin.

Now, im already an active runner and i’m aiming to be an ultra someday. I still have many things to learn about the new talent, hoping to do good on this thing as well. I know i must run a thousand miles before conquering ultra but i know it is really possible if i contimue to practice and work hard for it.

Sometimes it is better to leave the things we used to do for we just open a lot more exciting things along the way.

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