The Coron Experience: Day 3

Good Morning Day 3!

After two days of boat ride, it’s time for our real vacation.
I’ll be speaking english this time since i’ve got plenty of readers outside the Philippines. AHAHA

Ended day 2 sleeping and absolutely been recharged, totally ready to conquer Coron’s Beauty.
First of this day was a walk thru Island Panlaitan. It was a nice place and everyone was stunned to see our babies touring with us. It’s Sam and Sophie by the way, they are Ate Aubs and Ate Her’s cute dogs. Some thought they were just plastics ahaha. As we move around Panlaitan we took pictures of boats and some landmarks (We treat them as tourist destinations ahaha), such a wierdo.

Touring ourselves around Panlaitan

Touring ourselves around Panlaitan

After our fishful lunch we prepared for our trip to Black Island. Black island is one of the destinations that has a few visitors, 4hrs boat ride from Coron town. According to Ate Aubs relatives it was recently featured by GMA 7, im just not sure what show for. After 30 mins we arived at the Island. I was so amazed because the sand was so fine, Boracay level i think?  This place is visited because of its cave wherein you can enjoy swimming inside. Can’t help but reminisce how fun that was. I dont know if they captured me jumping, around 7 – 8 feet high from the rock formations down to the swim area (7 – 20 feet deep). Im not a swimmer but suddenly i was so addicted jumping. Not even tried it the last time we trek at Mount Romelo.

For tourists the entrance fee at Black island is 150-200 per person but i think we only got it for a cheaper price + the kids got it FREE, YEY. Just got lucky that im with the minorities which they(Island Owner) re-considered. SWERTE SWERTE.
We only stayed there for an hour but felt very satisfied. ANG GANDA TALAGA!

Actually i tried getting a sample of Black Island’s sand, i put that on my camera holder. After sometime when i wanted to take pictures inside the cave, my camera was not cooperating and can’t take pictures. I was bothered that’s why i throw back the sand. Maybe the nature elements doesnt want to allow me. At the time we stepped back to the boat i tried to open my camera again and it opened. creepy.

Black Island Coron

Black Island Coron



jaw dropped on its white sand

Jaw dropped on its white sand

We ended our day smiling after the black island experience. Truly the best experience so far on may 2013.
That night we decided to drink Emperador, i bought one that cost 150 and sprite for our chaser. Ate Her is not really a drinker but  she was very good in imbibing this one. Personally i dont like the taste of it and the smell ofcourse but she treated it like a Mompo (Priest Wine?). I am the tanggero and served for 11 that night. I enjoyed it! The fun part of that is Ate Her wanted us to take our shot done for her to drink the Emperador again. HINDING HINDI sya yun ahaha.
I’m sure we’ll do that again here in Manila.

Emperador:Ate Her's new favorite

Ate Her’s new favorite

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