Certified 21k Warrior!

CIHM class picture for 2012

The rock-hard runners

I must say this was the toughest race i’ve ever done so far but definitely the most memorable one. Everyone would agree that CIHM (Corregidor International Half-Marathon) pushes us all to our limit. Downhills and uphills with 40 to 65 degrees of elevation was a shock and a serious shouts of bad words coming out on our mouths during hard times. I conclude that those who lack determination and heart during the race suffered.

In the race, i saw Ultramarathoners, tri-athletes, kids, One from Phil. Volcanoes, One from the Phil. Dragon boat team, American runners, Australian runners, celebrities and members of our government. It was really fun and as the hosts says “Be proud coz you’re International” i really felt proud thou i know its a joke ahehe.

I wanna thank God for letting me finish the race. The day before the race i am so nervous that i did a 10k run for a warm up and my left knee suddenly started to hurt. I am worried while doing my 21k run because all thru out the race i was in pain 😦 it was such a struggle and wanted to end the race at 10 kilometers. I dont know whats on my mind that i still pushed myself to continue even thou i will still need to cross another scary uphills and downhills.

Like my first 21k, every time i felt i need a support i would always do the sign of the cross for guidance and strength. I Finished the race and ranked 211 and  timed 3hrs and 15mins. My time sucks but i know this is not bad for a person with injury.

I wanted to thank the organizers for giving us a great running experience, those who are in different posts to cheer us up, to those organizers that give surety that we are all hydrated. I also wanted to thank the people and the new friends i gained from the race. Sina Ms. Rose na naka barefoot, Lee, Sir Martin, Sir Arnold and Sir Joji from batch 93 ng ECE UST, yung iba i was not able to get their names, nahiya kasi ako =))

I have a lot to tell but i dont know how to put all the experience in words. I just feel blessed and satisfied with this accomplishment.
Start na with the recovery 🙂

CIHM next year will be on december 8! See you all again.

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