The CDO experience

Plane tickets, budgets, baggages and the excited feelings we’re all set! After months of waiting, finally were going to Cagayan De Oro for a 4day trip.

Day 1 < First time>

This day was filled with so much “first times” especially to me. It was my first time to ride a plane! YES! After my 21 yrs of existence, finally i was able to ride a plane.. oh well all of us had our first times and i don’t think i lose any because of that! It was a nice experience. 5:20pm we already arrived at CDO and from the airport we traveled for 30 minutes to our itinerary ( Wingrace Dormitory).
After fixing our belongings its time for our dinner at Limkitkai (a mall). Since we our intrigued when we saw Bigby’s we decided to have our dinner there. It was not cheap but the high value of the food is worth it. After dinner we ate up some sweets in Candys (cake shop) this is a must for you to try. The taste of the cake and the crepe was like heaven! weeeew! Anyways after the glutton night we slept looking forward for our

Day 2.

Ang masarap na hapunan sa Bigby's

Dinner at Bigby’s

Day 2 < The Pineapple and the Zipzone of Bukidnon >

Woke up at 5am in the morning for our 6am pickup time. Mang Nonoy our driver drove his way to Bukidnon. As far as i know bukidnon is our countries’ fruit basket were we can see lots of fruits such as corn, pineapple, mangosteen, straberries etc. even the Delmonte plant was housed in this area! Cool Right! Having a glimpse of all of this reminds me that our country is very blessed and we’ve so much to be proud of 🙂 After 2 hrs we’re already in Dahilyan we’re the longest zipline in Asia can be seen.. As i remember it was 800 meters long and the feeling up there was quite cold, truly! indeed! such a wonderful and a must try in Bukidnon 😉 Day 2 ends after our Bukidnon experience

Zipzone in Bukidnon

Zipzone in Bukidnon

Day 3 < Tinago falls and Ma. Cristina falls in Iligan >

We already had our Bukidnon experience and we our visiting Iligan in our Day 3 YEHEY!!! We had a long drive going to iligan that it takes us 3 hours before we actually get
into the site.A falls called Tinago is natural unlike Ma. Cristina falls that was created by man. Our tourguide Marlon (sa umaga) Gwen (sa gabi) assist us in our tinago experience. He instructed our driver to take another route in going to the falls that scares us because the route was heading to Marawi we’re MILF, bandits our leaving T.T T.T such a thrilling experience!!!! After sometime we already saw the falls and it was drop dead amazing!!! (nasa encantadia ba ako) was a reaction! We we’re able to get nearer the falls (parang pelikula T.T) super duper Ganda!!!! You cannot swim in the falls unless you are good swimmer or in a life vest unless mamamatay ka because it is about 65ft deep @.@ IMAGINE!!! We ate our lunch there provided by Marlon/Gwen 🙂 It was nice in Tinago and the netizens
were very helpful and kind! TOTOO na CDO is the golden city of friendship :)… After our Tinago experience we went to Ma. Cristina and it was really a big falls with a yellow water flowing ahehehe we dont know what is that but Ma. Cristina is just for veiwing, no one is allowed to swim since it is actually a Dam. Day 3 ends!

Day 4 < the rapids encounter >

I cannot describe how fun white water rafting experience was because it was perfect 🙂 I just want to thank our guide howard of Kagay team for giving
us the best rafting experience we can have while in the river for 4 hrs. It was exciting and very hot as well ahahaha i had sunburns after but
the rafting itself was very enjoyable. We toke the advance level with 24 rapids ranges from 1-4 level for 4hrs in a 16km infaltable boat ride. Thats all 🙂
(the pictures will prove how enjoyable it was) We head back to Manila after the rapid encounter 😦 I will miss it sobra!!!

White water rafting w/ team WHAT! and our lead Howard

White water rafting in CDO

I dont know how will i explain but this 4 days trip was very excellent 😉 nawala ang BV ko! at puro GV lang ang namumutawi sa akin ngaun 🙂
Salamat sa mga Cagayanos! sa masarap na pagkain, sa mabubuting tao at sa experience na ito. I will definitely  go back to CDO 😉

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