Nagsasa w/ the musicians

It’s all set! after months of planning, finally this day came! April 28-29 w/ my One Voice Engineering Chorale family.

I’ve been to Zambales specifically in Anawangin but not in Nagsasa where we are going. I was excited because Nagsasa based on our research has a hidden falls and a lot more peaceful than Anawangin.

11 am we already started our journey to Nagsasa via boat, 2 hrs of death defying fight with the killer waves made us laugh-out-loud, enjoying the water splash ending up a free bath care-off the nature. SAYA!

Finally arrived at our destination, the place is not crowded, the people are more accommodating and the area was HOT @.@ all of us were drowning in water.

First to do is to prepare our lunch, so the girls took care of that while the boys started to assemble tents. chura naman kung babae magtatayo ng tent diba ahahaha

After our lunch we had some rest and agreed to take the challenge of walking 1 hr to the “falls”. 1hr is like forever ahahaha it was so hot and some of my colleague’s sleepers were destroyed but these things wont stop us. Then we arrived and it was a shocking seen ahahah a falls is not a falls it was a small pond like water body but that’s ok we still enjoyed swimming there and we actually sang for nature.. hay buhay…

moving forward on our next day, it’s SWIMMING TIME in Nagsasa the water was so clear, the water is cold, the place was fantastic and again hay buhay …

The mountains

The mountains

a 1hr walk from our camp to the "falls"

Off to the “Falls”

some of us needed to sleep near the shore because it was really hot in there

The fire that added the hot night

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