The cases are multiplying and 1 person already died, what must be a good plan for this situation.

As a student all i can do is to spread the “how to prevent” thoughts on how a friend or should i say co-students be away of this growing pandemic.

As of June 16 i saw the effect of the virus in every co-student in our campus and in every people that surrounds me. Some would probably ware masks to protect them from people with “sipon” and “ubo” ,some would pack their things together with an alcohol to be more protected, some are so paranoid that they think they already has it even though they though they don’t have one and some pretends to have one to scare people that really adds confusion to others.

I was one paranoid with it, because at the time I’ve gone to manila i feel so hot and it seems that “sipon” and “ubo” were hitting me!!!. Because of it my board mates were also paranoid and they advised me to consult our health service.

I consult our health service ahead, they got my temperature and ask me several questions. After consulting one doctor i was turned over to another one and when he saw that my temperature was 26.8, the doctor told me that “my sickness was only because of watching news about a(h1n1) nadala lang daw ako”, what a relief! i don’t have one! but my “sipon” and “ubo” builds up DAMN it!

As of today a case was been reported to us that one student in our building has the virus and they were canceling our classes until June 29! Damn it! Because of it our semestral break would probably gone! amp amp

all i can say now is BE CAREFUL!

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